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Thank you for visiting it’s great to have you here. ‘For The Love Of I’ is the Inspirational Poetry Book that takes you on a journey of discovery through shared life experiences.

It is filled with soul tingling poems to soothe, entertain, heal, motivate, comfort and free your mind, body, soul and spirit. The gift you get from this book is as unique as you.

It comes as an ebook, paperback or hardback, would love to hang out with you and sneak previews are available here.

For Mums

Every mum is yummy
Scrumptiously perfect
Vehicles of procreation
Power stations of life
Behold the beauty in you
We are life itself
Masterpieces of youth
A magnificent truth
To birth is to be reborn
To create the face of divinity
Through grace beyond definition

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Reviews & Testimonials

“Scrolling through the verse will mine a beautiful truth from this poetic author. She demonstrates the hidden secrets of the universe in her metaphors and prose and offers a continuing invitation to be true to the expressions of the heart. Patsy’s truthful verse can open a vision towards the wealth and beauty of a new life hidden, silently sleeping within our imagination and dreams.”

Julie-Ann HarperDirector, Pickawoowoo Publishing Group

“Wonderful! I have also added it as a favourite.”

Donna Caprio

“Your poem expresses my beliefs beautifully both in regards to others and ourselves!”

Donna CaprioFor poem ‘Who Are We?’

Great piece! I nearly burned my cupcakes stopping to read it- would’ve been worth it though.

Octavia Carpenter

Felt the truth of your words as I read them. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

Sooze Thornton

Very inspirational, just spurs u to move on despite any obstacle

Hana FayyadFor poem ‘The Other Side’

A very good poem about seeing the goodness inside of all of us.

George B Vieto SanchezFor poem ‘The Other Side’

Patsy (this was the nickname my grandfather tagged me with as a baby)- when I reached a “certain” age I said, “Patsy is no longer — it is Patricia”.  I like your name the one I opted to cast aside), and that you write about appreciating self.  We tend to not do that, rather looking for our flaws- I thought “Patsy” was too childish for a grown up, a long in the tooth grown up!  Had I been as insightful as you, I might be signing this as Patsy, too!  loved your poems.

Patricia Bubash

this is brilliant 😉 exactly what i needed to hear and to tell myself 🙂

Tim EastFor poem ‘Mind Blowing’

What a lovely, uplifting poem! Nice!

Carole McKeeFor poem ‘The Other Side’

Absolutely true! Wish you best of luck with your beautiful poetry, and more!

Hana FayyadFor poem ‘Who Are We?’

amazing words again inpsirational.i have added this to my favourites it is exactly what i need right now to help me move forward and create,Thankyou again Patsy for your amazing soul

Tim EastFor poem ‘The Other Side’

Poetry is an acquired taste; some people either love it or hate. I am one of those who love it. It is intense emotion in a few lines and for me poetry makes me feel human.

Pasty Jawo is one of those writers, who is able to convey connecting emotions with ease. It is my pleasure to not only introduce her to poetry lovers but also haters because she will make a lover out of you.


Tanya Pickles

About Author Patsy Jawo

I am Patsy Jawo and I live in London in the United Kingdom.

My passion in life is being my perfect self peacefully, happily, lovingly and with a positive impact to all. I am grateful to find and experience love in some way, shape or form on a daily basis which is nice because it inspires me and feels great.